These Dharma in sinhala  medium
(Rev. Pathegama Sumanarathana thero)

Sadaham Kirula-01[A].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-01[B].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-02[A].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-02[B].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-03[A].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-03[B].mp3
Sadaham Kirula-04[A].mp3
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Sadaham Kirula-05[A].mp3
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Sadaham Kirula-10[A].mp3
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Sadaham Kirula-11[A].mp3
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This dharma deshana i found from Rev. Pathegama Sumanarathana Himi, Rather than other deshana some on temple,tlevision and radio that tell only past stories and praying, but this is tell the path how to succeed the Nivana.
In this dharma deshana that include primary to advanced for any person, even who havn't heard the budhdha dharma before. If some one going to hear this dharma deshana, first he/she should hear this without his/her own angle. Because i said it, since the childhood to this present we have destroyed our mind. And if we looking somthing we put it to our mind and try to make it measure by our mind. Don't believe try to see the Dharma.
The red marked link is not a include deshana. Only Gatha. After that you can hear Dharma.


These Dharma in English medium 
( Rev. AjahnBrahm thero ) 

A1 One who sees the Buddha Sees the Dhamma.MP3
A2 Question Answers.MP3
B1 Refuges n Precepts.MP3
B2 The Lazy Persons Guide to Making Good Karma.MP3
B3 Question Answers.MP3
B4 The Busy Persons Method of Easy Meditation.MP3
B5 Question Answers.MP3
B6 The Crazy Persons Way to Find Peace of Mind.MP3
B7 Question Answers.MP3
B8 Sharing of Merits.MP3